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Governorate Profiles - Baghdad (English, 0,6 MB)
Governorate Profiles - Diyala (English, 0,5 MB)
IOM Displacement Assessment and Statistics, Apr 2009 (English, 0,2 MB)
Three Years of Post-Samarra Displacement in Iraq, IOM, Feb 2009 (English, 1,2 MB)
IOM Iraq Governorate Profiles, Dec 2008 (English, 6,1 MB)
Returnee Monitoring TABULATION REPORT, Sep 2008 (English, 1,3 MB I Arabic, 1,2 MB)
IOM Iraq Returnee Assessment, Aug 2008 (English, 0,6 MB)
Assessment of IDP Camps in Iraq, Aug 2008 (English, 0,3 MB)
Iraq Displacement Mid-Year Review 2008 (English, 0,8 MB I Arabic, 0,3 MB)
IOM Displacement Assessment and Statistics, Nov 2008 (English, 0,2 MB)
JOC Library - Number of Recommendations per Sector in Each Governorate, Feb 2008 (English, 3,9 MB)
Returnee Monitoring and Needs Assessments, Jan 2008 (English, 0,2 MB)

The Unmet Needs of Iraq’s Internally Displaced, Oct 2007 (English, 0,2 MB)
The Bridge - Fostering Good Governance, Mar 2007 (English, 1,4 MB)

Series of Briefing Papers on NGOs’ and others’ humanitarian operational modalities in Iraq, Feb 2008 (English, 1,3 MB)

Drought Information Report, Aug 2009 (English, 2,9 MB)
Bombing in Ninewa Sitreps (Sitrep 1, Sitrep 2, Sitrep 3, Sitrep 4, Sitrep 5)
2009 Consolidated Appeal for Iraq and the Region - Mid-Year Review (English, 0.2 MB)
Iraq Consolidated Appeal 2008 - Iraq Year-End Report (English, 0.8 MB)
Humanitarian Update, OCHA, Apr 2009 (English, 1.2 MB)
Humanitarian Update, OCHA, Mar 2009 (English, 3,4 MB
Regional Humanitarian Update, OCHA-ROMENACA, Mar 2009 (English, 1,0 MB I Arabic, 1,1 MB)
Humanitarian Update, OCHA, Feb 2009 (English, 2,8 MB)
Humanitarian Update, OCHA, Jan 2009 (English, 2,6 MB)
2009 Consolidated Appeal for Iraq and the Region (English, 5,4 MB I Arabic, 9,0 MB)
Consolidated Appeals Process (CAP): Appeal 2008 for Iraq, Vol. 1 - Full Original Appeal (English, 4,4 MB)
Research Institutes

Research to Improve the Effectiveness of INGO Activities and Future Humanitarian Coordination in Iraq, NRC, Aug 2009 (English, 3.2 MB)
IDPs in Iraq: The Process of Working Towards Durable Solutions, The Brookings Institution, Jun 2009 (English, 0.3 MB)
The Effects of the War in Iraq on Nutrition and Health, Royal Holloway University of London, Feb 09  (English, 0,6 MB)
The Weapons That Kill Civilians — Deaths of Children and Noncombatants in Iraq, 2003–2008, The New England Journal of Medicine, Apr 2009 (English, 0,4 MB)
The Anbar Awakening: An Alliance of Incentives, Center for Strategic and International Studies (English, 0,2 MB)
In Her Own Words: Iraqi women talk about their greatest challenges, Oxfam International (English, 0,2 MB)
For Needs and Opinions of the Poor in Iraq, Iraqi AlAmal Association, Sep 2008 (English, 0,5 MB)
For Needs and Opinions of the Poor in Iraq, Iraqi AIAmal, Sep 2008 (English, 0,6 MB I Arabic, 0,5 MB)
Iraq Index - Tracking Variables of Reconstruction & Security in Post-Saddam Iraq, Brookings Institution, Aug 2008 (English, 0.7 MB)
Iraq’s Refugee and IDP Crisis: Human Toll and Implications, The Middle East Institute, Jul 2008
(English, 8,8 MB)
Iraq Five Years Later: Where Things Stand, ABC/BBC/ARD/NHK POLL, Apr 2008 (English, 0,1 MB)
Humanitarian action in Iraq: putting the pieces together HPG Policy Brief, March 2008 (English, 0,8 MB)
Rising to the humanitarian challenge in Iraq, Oxfam International, July 2007 (English, 0,4 MB)
Violence-Related Mortality in Iraq from 2002 to 2006, Massachusetts Medical Society,
Jan 2008 (English, 0,2 MB)

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